Chapter One

The head lights glared in my face as I began to walk across the street, and the car slammed into me moving me high into the air, just like a rag doll.  That was my last thought, no time to think about anything else, but I knew I was suppose to think about something, but what?…not what?…who?…   I needed to think about someone I was leaving behind.  Everything went dark and I existed no more.

The paramedics gathered around my body, working profusely, tying to save my life.  My body laid motionless against the cement slab.  “Can you get her heart pumping?” A paramedic asked. “No, she’s gone.  We did everything we could do.”

I stood looking over the body.  Who was this young woman? And why was I here looking upon her?  A man appeared beside me; and he wrapped his arm around my waist, then whispered in my ear.  “You belong with me.” he murmured.

I was trembling, not knowing exactly what that meant, because I was  in shock.  I looked at the body one more time not knowing who the woman was; then I thought I had no idea who I was either.

I turned searching the man’s face.  I struggled with the words to come out my mouth.  “Who am I?” Overcome with nausea and a pulsating energy of fire in my body, the man answered the question.  “Your name is Gabriella and I am Lucas. ” A magnetic pull to him came over me like running water.

“Who is the woman on the ground?” I asked as I stumbled into his arms. “Oh, she’s just a poor soul who passed away suddenly.”  He said with a wry smile.  “Come with me, your weak and need to rest. I’ll take you home with me.”

“Why can’t I remember who I am?”  “Please, give it some time.  I’m quite sure your memory will return.  You need to rest and I will help you gain your memory back.”

Lucas took my arm and wrapped it around his as we walked into the darkness of the night.  Moments later we appeared in an old Victorian  home.  My mind in such a daze, I wasn’t quite sure how we got there, but I needed to rest; so I sat down on the sofa in front of the fireplace.

Lucas stood in front of the fireplace gazing into the fire.  He looked as if he was lost in thought.  “Lucas, please you must tell me. How do you know who I am?”  He stood still as if he were a piece of stone.  “I know everyone who exists in the world, and you my dear are my top priority.  You are the light of my life and I must help you see that you and I belong together.”

“I don’t understand.  Tell me how you know so much about everyone that exists?”  “In time I will tell you everything that your heart desires, but for now I only want you to think of me and try to remember who you are.”

This man was a puzzle to me.  I couldn’t understand how he knew so much and look so young.  He began to tell me stories about my life, and how we had met on a ship sailing to the Netherlands.

As he spoke I would lose myself in his voice.  It was so soft spoken and it sounded like he was singing a song. He could almost hypnotize me with that voice.  We’d talked for hours and then I thought of being hungry.

“Lucas, should we not eat something to keep up our strength?” I asked as I sat gazing into his eyes.  “My dear, you no longer require food to eat. Your mind will sustain your body for all that you need to survive forever.”

“How could that be? I must eat to stay alive.  What are you talking about?” I screamed.  “Now Gabriella don’t get yourself all worked up for nothing.  I told you I have things to tell you and since you are recovering so quickly; I must tell you this first and I’m not quite sure how to say it.”

I studied his face. “Just tell me please.”  “Alright then, I’ll tell you but you must remain calm as I speak.  Just look into my eyes that will help you to concentrate on what I’m saying.”

I looked into his eyes as he requested. “Gabriella, you no longer require food because you are no longer human.  You are now a born again spirit that will live for eternity.  You and I were destined to be together.”

As he spoke it was as if I were on fire.  The words burned inside of me like we became one person.  I was now inside of him as he spoke to me.  “Gabriella,  I need you to trust me and listen to what I tell you.  It is the truth and I have loved you from the beginning of time.  I will always love you and protect you from any harm.  You have entered a new world and it can be very dangerous for those who don’t follow the rules of life after death. Now look away from me so that you can concentrate on your own without my help.”

I did as he requested.  My thoughts became my own again.  I had to organize my thoughts to my best ability, after Lucas told me of my new life.  To absorb this was hard for me.  I had to accept that I no longer was living.

Now I was a spirit, a spirit that would live for eternity;  getting use to this was going to be hard, but I had eternity to master it. So at least that’s what I thought.

Chapter Two

Months passed as Lucas taught me how to use my powers to influence the living.  I could only manipulate the willing.  Those were people who could hear my voice; others were stronger usually talked to God.

I began traveling through space, which at first seemed strange.  The air felt like water that I could just walk right through.  To tell the truth I did walk right through.  I mused at the living I watched.  For some excited me with an emotion I had never felt before in this life.  The energy burned like fire.  Fire seemed to consume me.

I needed to cool myself; so I walked directly through their bodies.  This interrupted their thoughts.  They would stand just stammering: trying to remember what they were saying or doing.  This amused me so much, I would do it just for fun.

Leaving the house in Richmond and traveling all around the world was exciting, a little exotic to me, but for some reason I always felt the need to come home.  Something always pulled me back to Richmond, but I had no idea what it was that had a hold on me.

As I continued traveling, I focused here on developing my powers even more.  While in Georgia, it was no accident that I was there.  Atlanta was where I was at when a young woman had a car accident.  I’m not sure what happened; but she skidded off of the road into a ditch.

Something or someone pulled me to her.  I heard her murmur.  “I’m dying and I want to.”   The words she spoke shocked me so that I jumped inside of her body with no hesitation.  My body cooled as she became unresponsive.

“No I want to live!” I shouted as I felt my spirit settle into her body.  Our minds became one; I could feel her despair.  The feelings overwhelmed me at first: then I took control of her body.

“Listen to me as I speak.  You have everything in this world at your finger tips.  Forget about James, he doesn’t love you.  He cheats on you every chance he gets.  Roger is your true love.  Don’t leave him here alone.  He’ll go mad if you die.  Fight to live for him.  Start a new life with Roger.  Trust me, I’m not wrong.”

After I spoke that last sentence.  I removed myself from her body.  The head lights of a car approached, a man got out and looked in the ditch, then dialed 911.  The woman gasped for breath and spoke out.  “Who said that to me?  How do you know so much?  Answer me dammit!”  She tried to move but was unable to.  The man yelled down to here from the road.  “Stay still,  I called for help.”

I stood along the side of the woman when all of a sudden Lucas appeared.  “Damn you, what the hell have you done!”  He screamed.  “Come with me before they arrive to see you.”  In a flash we were off and back in his house in Richmond.

“Lucas, why are you so angry with me?”  “I’m angry because you are never suppose to enter a human when they are dying and tell them about their life.  That’s what angels do.”

“Angels? So they do exist.  Tell me more.”  “What you did is forbidden.  An angel will come looking for you now and I will have to protect you.”

“Why? I just wanted the woman to live.” “Gabriella that’s not your choice to make.  She was suppose to die.”  “So she’s going to live and I’m glad I did it.” 

“‘Gabriella, I must warn you not to cross me.  I can make it very difficult  for you in many ways, ways you don’t understand and may never understand.  I brought you to me for companionship.  I don’t think you understand who I am and who you are.”

“No I don’t, that’s what I’m trying to figure out.  If I’m a spirit, am I good or am I evil?  Please tell me what I am so I can understand what my purpose is along with being with you.”

Lucas didn’t want to explain things to me at that moment so he disappeared from my sight.  This left me in somewhat of an awe.  I looked into the fire and in a brief moment I saw a strange glow in the fire that I had never seen before.

I turned to look away and when I turned there in front of me stood an Angel.  The glow around her was so bright it was almost impossible to look directly at her.

When she spoke, it sounded as if she were singing.  “Gabriella, do you know who I am?” she asked.  “Yes, you’re  an Angel.  Why have you come to me?”  “I’ve come to you because you entered a humans’ body and told them of their life.  You shouldn’t have done that; but I’m glad you did because that was the only way my heavenly father would let me speak to you.”

“Your heavenly father?  Who is that?”  “God, who else would I, an Angel call father.”  “Oh, I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking.”  “Never mind it’s okay.  You really wouldn’t think of that right now.”

The Angel looked at me with compassion. “My name is Aries and I’m your guardian angel.”

The Angel said she was a guardian angel; but why would I need an angel when I had Lucas to protect me.  He was suppose to be here now I thought.

“Lucas can’t come because my path to you has been blocked by God.  Lucas has no way of knowing I’m here.”

“So what is it you want from?” My face was blank.

“Want?, I want nothing from you.  God is the one that wants from you.  He wants your soul to be at peace with him.”  “I don’t understand, Lucas is the one who needs me and protects me.  I have no use for your God.”

Aries face weakened by the words I spoke.  “I’m sorry you feel that way.  I truly think you don’t know what you are, Lucas has fooled you and he’s not telling you the truth about anything.  Do you know who Lucas is?”

“Yes a spirit that has existed for millions of years.”  “Oh yes, the millions of years is correct, but I wouldn’t exactly call him a spirit.  He’s the devil’s right hand Man and you are the apprentice.”

“I’m his what!, No way he’s the devil’s right hand.   I mean he’s cunning, but not that bad.”  “You talk a lot abo9ut things you know nothing of. He’s a liar and very deceitful.  He didn’t even tell you the truth about the woman you were looking at that died was you.  So what does that tell you.”

“You’re  a liar.  He wouldn’t do that to me.  He loves me.”  “Angels don’t lie and he’s done more to you than you can ever imagine.”

Chapter Three

Aries began to tell me about my real life and that I had a son who was ten years old who missed me dearly.  My son Gabriel was having a hard time with my death.  His father had no idea how to control his anger when dealing with our son.  Aries told me that Lucas was part of the problem.  Aries wanted me to leave Lucas, but I refused to do so.  She left and vowed not to return.

Despite my anger when Lucas appeared I said nothing of Aries visit to me.  He would’ve flown into a rage which I wasn’t ready to deal with.  And despite my anger with him, I loved him very much.  He had been everything to me, kind of a father figure, never leaving my side for the first few months. 

Everything changed after Aries visited, I didn’t know if I could ever trust him again nor would I want to trust Lucas again.  Lucas looked at me strangely.  “Gabriella is something wrong?” He asked with a wry smile.


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