Dr. Prade was a very talented woman who brought much joy to her patients as well as her family and will truly be missed.  I did not know her personally, but on a spiritual level and by name sake we are indeed connected.  For several years of my life I had dreamed my own death was brutal and someone was taking it by the hands of a gun.  In 1997 that all changed I stopped having the dream that was so vivid, the only thing I could not see my killers face.  At that time I just thought that I had some type of peace to come in my life but I also thought that it could be that someone elses  life had been taken and mine had been spared in some way.  This is why I felt so compelled to find out if any other Margo had died a horrific death.  I’m sad to say it was Dr. Prade.  I have written a poem for her that I will post some day very soon that appears in my poetry book.


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