A is for Aardvark that travels in the desert of Africa

B is for the Bee that flies high above in the sky.

C is for the Cat that lays at the front door.

D is for the Dog that plays in the back yard.

E is for the Emu that walks through the warm sands of Australia.

F is for the baby Fawn that just learned how to walk.

G is for the Gazelle that moves so gracefully through Asia.

H is for the Hippopotamus that bathes in the lake.

I is for the Iguana that crawls along the river banks in South America.

J is for the Jaguar that runs throught the jungle like the speed of light.

K is for the Kangaroo who looks on her young in her pouch.

L is for the Lion with the big roar.

M is for the Monkey that swings from the trees.

N is for the Newt that crawls by the Ocean shore.

O is for the Orangatan that climbs big trees.

P is for the Panda that plays in the forest of China.

Q is for the Quail that sits on a rock and sings.

R is for the Rabbit that like to hop along in the grass.

S is for the Sheep that travel in herds across the land.

T is for the Tiger that controls the jungle.

U is for the Unicorn that favors a horse.

V is for the Vicuna that favors a deer.

W is for the Wallaby that favors a Kangaroo.

X is for the Xylophone which plays when striked with a wooden hammer.

Y is for the Yak which walks in the desert.

Z is for the Zebu which favors a bull.

Now you have learned your ABC’s.  Hope you had fun learning with me.


On Thanksgiving Day, Rudy slides out of her bed.  She puts on her robe and slippers.

Today is Thanksgiving Day!!!  All of our family will gather together for a wonderful feast.  Turkey, stuffing, greens, biscuits, ham, and don’t forget Aunt Mable’s special home made jam.

To the kitchen Rudy runs.  In the kitchen mother is preparing the food for the special day.  The day that we all will gather around the table to pray.  Giving thanks for each and every person that could be present this day.

Rudy helps her mother with preparing the biscuits.  Mother and daughter work together to prepare the meal.  Dad comes in to see what’s the big deal.  “Mom and I are preparing Thanksgiving dinner together.”  Rudy’s Dad says, “That’s nice.”  Dad pours his coffee and retreats to the living room to look at T.V.

After everything has been prepared, Rudy leaves the kitchen to go get dressed.  Mom and Dad sit and look at T.V. and wait for their family to arrive for the feast.

The first to arrive was Uncle Norman and Aunt Mable.  Aunt Mable has her famous home made jam.  It always taste good with the home made biscuits.  Uncle Norman says, “Happy Thanksgiving to all!”, as he takes a seat on the coach.  AUNT Mable follows Mom into the kitchen with her home made jam.

Mom and Aunt Mable sit and talk for an hour or so.  Dad peeks his head in and says, “are we ready for dinner yet?” “Not yet dear, we are waiting on your sister Judy and the family.” My mom said.

A knock at the door…..rap…rap….rap….Rudy opens the door, and in came Aunt Judy, Uncle Frank, Robbie, and Ellen.

Everyone gathered around the table to prepare for the feast.  My Dad gave the blessing for this food on Thanksgiving Day.  We ate and enjoyed each other for the rest of the day.

Thank you for sharing Thanksgiving Day with me and my family.  I hope that you will come and visit with us next Thanksgiving Day.

The Center of the Universe

December 20, 2006

Center of the Universe The Sun is the center of the Universe.

For without the Sun nothing could exist.  What does this remind you of?  The Creator of the Universe.  For without the creator none of us would exist.  So when you look at the ball of fire up in the sky, one could only wonder is this a form of the original creator.

Deva saves her home

October 7, 2006


This is Margo just wanted to write that I’ve completed my first novel and it’s going to an agent or publisher soon after I complete my editting.  I’ll tell you all about it once I receive comments back from the agent.  Wish me luck.  On my website are a few poems if you find any typos please forgive me it was a slip of the fingers. Again wish me luck

Much Love,

May 20,2009 

Just to talk a little bit about the book Deva.  It is still sitting on the shelf.  No one was ready to publish the book as of yet so I’m just waiting for a better time.  Times have been hard but I know one day the book will be published.  Say a little prayer for me.

The Battle

October 7, 2006

margo1.jpgWe finally come face to face,

 after the 100 years in your resting place.       

deep beneath the artic ice,

we will discover our true price.  

moving from room to room,

uncovering your queens tomb.

to do battle between our two species,

and find out which side the humans will take.

to survive the shock of the quake,

two will live and one will die.

I can only wonder why?

humans tend to cry.

over battle done between us two,

the predator takes the final cue.

to give thanks to one of the human crew.




River Transformed

September 23, 2006



I am mystical in every shape way and form

And made to hold out through any storm

My cover protects me from any type  of fury

As I slide deep into the lake

I continue to flow with out a break

My next stop is the ocean

Most wonder of my many motions

As I spread out across with so much emotion

Copywrite 2005

Please feel free to add a comment.

Soul Mate

September 23, 2006

As I walk along the hallways of life

I begin searching for a wife

Someone full of hope and desire

That will set my heart on fire

Passion that will carry on for years

Even through the times of tears

As we prepare for our childrens birth

To place them here on earth

We gather our thoughts to give them names

So when they arrive they will have a claim

For starting the search for a passionate flame

Searching the hallways throughout life

To find that perfect husband or wife


I started out with a strong voice

God helped me to make a choice

Along the way I did stray

That’s the price I must pay

I managed to get back on track

Even through family attacks

And to follow God’s plan for me

This is where I truly must be

With faith and hope by my side

I will keep the day to day stride

I will be the one to rise high

As Angels keep a watchful eye

To create a positive role model for people of today

Through me they will learn to pray

To give love, peace, hope, and respect

To all nations this will affect

How people can dream the impossible dream

Working toward building self-esteem

To speak what I believe is right

Gives me a feeling of true delight

I have no guilt or shame

For the master has called me by my name

You are a blessing just like my son

Through you part of my battle has been won

Keep pressing on for the prize

I can see the love in your eyes.

Copyright 2005 Margo Greene


Silent Dream

June 8, 2006

Our love is so fresh in my mind

It’s like a tape that you could rewind

How I think of your wonderful kiss

That I have truly grown to miss

Your eyes were so full of life

As you took the pain in strife

My heart beats so fast

When I began to dream of the past

I see myself falling to the ground

As if someone may have drowned

Trying to catch you from leaving

To keep me from grieving

How my mind keeps you alive

As I try to keep the day-to-day strive

Wondering if we will ever meet again

Or will it only be in my brain

When I fall into a deep sleep

Where my soul seems to keep

Our love safe and sound

Like we orginally found