1    Being Real About Your Weight
2    Talking to Your Physician
3    What I Plan To Eat
4    How many calories can I use in a day?
One——- Being Real About Your Weight
You probably have read or tried everything to loose weight and have won the battle at times and lost at other times.  This book is dedicated for those people trying to maintain a healthy life.  For some people don’t realize that people don’t have to been paper thin to have an eating disorder.  So I’m writing this book in dedication to those women who are not thin, but have a eating disorder.
I want you to take a moment and be honest with yourself.  Look at yourself in the mirror and see yourself for who you really are.  No say out loud.  I’m going to change what I look like the healthy way without starving myself and eating right.
That’s right, I want you to say it out loud and mean it when you say it.  This book isn’t going to be one of those long drag out steps for what to eat, and how much.  I’m just going to tell you the simple things that will make your life better and the types of food that will help you stay in balance.  I’m going to show you that you can eat healthy if you like particular types of food and also be able to indulge in the foods that are higher in calories, but limit yourself to intake.
The first thing you should do is to make a plan on how much weight you want to lose and how often you want to exercise because these two things go hand and hand and only you can decide what you want to do.  I want you to give yourself lead way in case you fall of the wagon and eat to much of the food that makes you gain weight.  Second if you are the type of person that can’t do it along, get yourself a buddy that is able to work with you and talk with you through the process.  Together you two will achieve your ultimate goal.  Third give yourself one year to reach your ultimate weight goal if it is over 50 lbs.  It’s true it is always better to take the weight off slowly than take it off rapidly.
Two——Talking to Your Physician
Before you start a diet or exercise program it is always best to consult your physician first.  When going to your physician you want to have a thorough examination.  You want to know about your blood pressure, good cholesterol and bad cholesterol.  Tell your physician any types of problems you have experienced with your health.  Don’t leave the smallest detail out, everything is important when it comes to your health.  Once you begin your exercising and loosing weight if you experience any problems notify your doctor immediately.  While your loosing weight make a follow up visit with your doctor every two months or sooner if needed.  Also discuss with your physician on taking some type of vitamin and a calcium pill.  You don’t have to take alot of medication unless your physician tells you that you need a specific type of medication to go along with your work out.
When it comes to exercising some people hate to do it, while others have no problem.  You must decide what works best for you.  Most people start of with a plan of exercising at least 30 minutes a day, but again you must decide what works best for you.  I can tell you now that if you can only do 5 minutes and build from that.  Don’t feel embarrassed about the time, just build from it.  Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Just tell yourself I’m going to increase my time on a daily basis. 
Your exercise program should fit what you like to do and what makes you happy.  I’m only going to give you some suggestions on what to do.  Some people choose just to walk and this is very good for reducing cardiovascular disease.  So walk to your hearts content.  Others choose a work out program which involves Pilate’s, yoga, or other aerobic exercises.  Again use the program that best suits your lifestyle and makes you comfortable.
Three  ——–What I Plan To Eat
Eating the right types of food can be difficult for some people and some don’t have a problem at all.  You need to choose the types of foods that will work best for you and the foods that you can eat on a regular basis that won’t be a problem for you to eat.  Starting with breakfast, here is a list of things that you can eat that will start your day and are very healthy for you.
1 cup of Applesauce                         105 calories
1 cup of Oatmeal                                 213 calories
1 slice of Merita Bread Toaasted     70 calories
1/2 cup of orange juice                       60 calories
1 cup of coffee (Black)                             5 calories
Remember eating in moderation is always good.

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