America Changing

January 5, 2010

As I watch the crowd gathered at Grant Park in Chicago the night President Barack Obama made his acceptance speech, I noticed one important factor.  The faces in the crowd were made up of diversity.  People from every ethnic background imaginable were present savoring the moment of our America changing.

The realization that we have crossed the line of color is a way of saying we now can accept change and do it willingly with the support of all ethnic backgrounds.  Tears came to my eyes as I watched this change being documented for our history books.  I asked myself, what will be next to look forward to for our beautiful America?


Summer Days

January 5, 2010

Summer days can be long and hot, the night

can be sticky, just enough to make you sweat;

Why do so many people love those summer days?

It’s hours on end of heat; heat hot enough for those short-shorts,

and bikinis.

To take a swim in the pool or the ocean is such a treat.

Plenty time to eat your favorite ice cream and water melon.

People sat on patios of restaurants and enjoy sipping their cool drinks,

listening to the busy traffic move down the street; while engaged in idle

conversation of their carefree days. 

 Oh how those summer days bring out the best in us in every way.

Death Became Her

January 5, 2010

Life didn’t come naturally to her,

Nothing really came naturally to her, not even death.

She drowned out of misery and loneliness.

Many refused to believe her way of escape.

If people would have seen the warning signs,

could they have gotten her help?  Probably not.

The wall around her was thick, thick as the trees in a forest.

I noticed, but was too afraid to speak my peace.

Her mind seemed to wonder away when you spoke to her.

Her only talent seemed to be writing.

How she enjoyed that. Hours upon hours she wrote songs,

poetry, plays and even novels.

None the world had seen until her death.

Everything she wrote was published, reviewed and loved by many.

How ironic death actually became her  in the end by death.