A is for Aardvark that travels in the desert of Africa

B is for the Bee that flies high above in the sky.

C is for the Cat that lays at the front door.

D is for the Dog that plays in the back yard.

E is for the Emu that walks through the warm sands of Australia.

F is for the baby Fawn that just learned how to walk.

G is for the Gazelle that moves so gracefully through Asia.

H is for the Hippopotamus that bathes in the lake.

I is for the Iguana that crawls along the river banks in South America.

J is for the Jaguar that runs throught the jungle like the speed of light.

K is for the Kangaroo who looks on her young in her pouch.

L is for the Lion with the big roar.

M is for the Monkey that swings from the trees.

N is for the Newt that crawls by the Ocean shore.

O is for the Orangatan that climbs big trees.

P is for the Panda that plays in the forest of China.

Q is for the Quail that sits on a rock and sings.

R is for the Rabbit that like to hop along in the grass.

S is for the Sheep that travel in herds across the land.

T is for the Tiger that controls the jungle.

U is for the Unicorn that favors a horse.

V is for the Vicuna that favors a deer.

W is for the Wallaby that favors a Kangaroo.

X is for the Xylophone which plays when striked with a wooden hammer.

Y is for the Yak which walks in the desert.

Z is for the Zebu which favors a bull.

Now you have learned your ABC’s.¬† Hope you had fun learning with me.