On Thanksgiving Day, Rudy slides out of her bed.  She puts on her robe and slippers.

Today is Thanksgiving Day!!!  All of our family will gather together for a wonderful feast.  Turkey, stuffing, greens, biscuits, ham, and don’t forget Aunt Mable’s special home made jam.

To the kitchen Rudy runs.  In the kitchen mother is preparing the food for the special day.  The day that we all will gather around the table to pray.  Giving thanks for each and every person that could be present this day.

Rudy helps her mother with preparing the biscuits.  Mother and daughter work together to prepare the meal.  Dad comes in to see what’s the big deal.  “Mom and I are preparing Thanksgiving dinner together.”  Rudy’s Dad says, “That’s nice.”  Dad pours his coffee and retreats to the living room to look at T.V.

After everything has been prepared, Rudy leaves the kitchen to go get dressed.  Mom and Dad sit and look at T.V. and wait for their family to arrive for the feast.

The first to arrive was Uncle Norman and Aunt Mable.  Aunt Mable has her famous home made jam.  It always taste good with the home made biscuits.  Uncle Norman says, “Happy Thanksgiving to all!”, as he takes a seat on the coach.  AUNT Mable follows Mom into the kitchen with her home made jam.

Mom and Aunt Mable sit and talk for an hour or so.  Dad peeks his head in and says, “are we ready for dinner yet?” “Not yet dear, we are waiting on your sister Judy and the family.” My mom said.

A knock at the door…..rap…rap….rap….Rudy opens the door, and in came Aunt Judy, Uncle Frank, Robbie, and Ellen.

Everyone gathered around the table to prepare for the feast.  My Dad gave the blessing for this food on Thanksgiving Day.  We ate and enjoyed each other for the rest of the day.

Thank you for sharing Thanksgiving Day with me and my family.  I hope that you will come and visit with us next Thanksgiving Day.