Deva saves her home

October 7, 2006


This is Margo just wanted to write that I’ve completed my first novel and it’s going to an agent or publisher soon after I complete my editting.  I’ll tell you all about it once I receive comments back from the agent.  Wish me luck.  On my website are a few poems if you find any typos please forgive me it was a slip of the fingers. Again wish me luck

Much Love,

May 20,2009 

Just to talk a little bit about the book Deva.  It is still sitting on the shelf.  No one was ready to publish the book as of yet so I’m just waiting for a better time.  Times have been hard but I know one day the book will be published.  Say a little prayer for me.


The Battle

October 7, 2006

margo1.jpgWe finally come face to face,

 after the 100 years in your resting place.       

deep beneath the artic ice,

we will discover our true price.  

moving from room to room,

uncovering your queens tomb.

to do battle between our two species,

and find out which side the humans will take.

to survive the shock of the quake,

two will live and one will die.

I can only wonder why?

humans tend to cry.

over battle done between us two,

the predator takes the final cue.

to give thanks to one of the human crew.