A Woman Like Jesus (Dedicated to Oprah Winfrey

September 22, 2006


I started out with a strong voice

God helped me to make a choice

Along the way I did stray

That’s the price I must pay

I managed to get back on track

Even through family attacks

And to follow God’s plan for me

This is where I truly must be

With faith and hope by my side

I will keep the day to day stride

I will be the one to rise high

As Angels keep a watchful eye

To create a positive role model for people of today

Through me they will learn to pray

To give love, peace, hope, and respect

To all nations this will affect

How people can dream the impossible dream

Working toward building self-esteem

To speak what I believe is right

Gives me a feeling of true delight

I have no guilt or shame

For the master has called me by my name

You are a blessing just like my son

Through you part of my battle has been won

Keep pressing on for the prize

I can see the love in your eyes.

Copyright 2005 Margo Greene



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