March 31, 2010

As the sun rises high in the sky

I’ve walked the night alone filled with dusty dreams

In awe of a world that confuses me everyday

Has it come to this? I wonder deep in my heart

We the human race created by a creator

In his own image we were formed

because he himself could not bear being alone

yet we still destroy the very things

he has created in his own image

Have our minds gone wild with rage

as we are left alone with our thoughts

What drives us to this deep dark place?

Alone one mind can wonder for eternity

Our souls survive and move on yet it’s still alone in death

Perplexed by the emptiness that will exist

I beg you to think and never be alone


In Pursuit Of Happiness

February 2, 2010

I’ve been thinking of selling my house,

four bed rooms, two baths, living room, and kitchen.

You may ask why?  The reason is in pursuit of happiness.

Money in the bank gives me more opportunity to do things,

like take longer vacations, travel to other countries, explore bigger and better horizons.

All this is in pursuit of happiness.

Here I am middle aged, nothing to tie me down,

why not search for in pursuit of happiness.

America Changing

January 5, 2010

As I watch the crowd gathered at Grant Park in Chicago the night President Barack Obama made his acceptance speech, I noticed one important factor.  The faces in the crowd were made up of diversity.  People from every ethnic background imaginable were present savoring the moment of our America changing.

The realization that we have crossed the line of color is a way of saying we now can accept change and do it willingly with the support of all ethnic backgrounds.  Tears came to my eyes as I watched this change being documented for our history books.  I asked myself, what will be next to look forward to for our beautiful America?

Summer Days

January 5, 2010

Summer days can be long and hot, the night

can be sticky, just enough to make you sweat;

Why do so many people love those summer days?

It’s hours on end of heat; heat hot enough for those short-shorts,

and bikinis.

To take a swim in the pool or the ocean is such a treat.

Plenty time to eat your favorite ice cream and water melon.

People sat on patios of restaurants and enjoy sipping their cool drinks,

listening to the busy traffic move down the street; while engaged in idle

conversation of their carefree days. 

 Oh how those summer days bring out the best in us in every way.

Death Became Her

January 5, 2010

Life didn’t come naturally to her,

Nothing really came naturally to her, not even death.

She drowned out of misery and loneliness.

Many refused to believe her way of escape.

If people would have seen the warning signs,

could they have gotten her help?  Probably not.

The wall around her was thick, thick as the trees in a forest.

I noticed, but was too afraid to speak my peace.

Her mind seemed to wonder away when you spoke to her.

Her only talent seemed to be writing.

How she enjoyed that. Hours upon hours she wrote songs,

poetry, plays and even novels.

None the world had seen until her death.

Everything she wrote was published, reviewed and loved by many.

How ironic death actually became her  in the end by death.

For forty-five years you shined bright as the stars in the sky

You gave hope, love,peace, and joy to so many lives

Yes, gone too soon from the world of today

Your body and mind race to achieve a new dream

You were called home in a quick moment so it seems

Yes, gone too soon from family and friends

You walked among the living and partially the dead

You became a great legend who had to hide in pain

Yes, gone too soon like a flicker of light

Now you live in a place where there is no pain

For the master has called you by your name

Micheal come see what I have prepared for you

And now you see this new plan I created just for you

Woman In The Mirror

June 1, 2009

Woman in the mirror looking back at me-

Tell me the story of how your life could be?

What could you change to make things right?

Or is it too difficult or does it make you uptight,

Tell me what year you find most of your stress?

Maybe the way to deal is to take a good rest,

A good rest to help you think things through-

Never under estimate what happens it may be some good to you,

To improve on that image standing in front of the mirror-

Women often say, I see you staring back at me so what could you

do better than me?


May 20, 2009

Some say hope will take you very far,

For in this life you may even become a star-

Some say they would never dare to hope,

But to never dare to hope is like hanging by a rope-

So use your imagination of your beautiful heart,

That will help and guide you to your start-

Of a journey that will take you on your way,

To redeem and claim things meant for you each day-

Believe in the power presented to you each hour,

For you will receive the glory, faith and power-

Waiting For You

March 3, 2009

Waiting for you in our mystical place,

where we can meet without any interruptions.

You see me for the flower that I am,

petals smooth as silk, not faded.

Nor withered from the rain or wind,

you are the branch that connects us together.

Strong, yet tamed, but embedded deep,

within the flesh of my body.

Together our gravity pulls in such great force,

no one can touch us as we rise up in the horizon.

Just knowing we are secure in our love each day,

this is why waiting for you feels so perfect each and every day.

Lay Your Hands On Me

January 28, 2009

Lay your hands on me now, so I may rest easily
Let your soothing touch cool my flesh—
Hold me, keep me as warm as fire
A fire with desire that burns within.
Let no air come between our touch
Between the warmth that we created together
As we look into the luminous night.
In a flicker of a moment I will rest—
With each stroke of your hand, my heart skips a beat
Lay your hands on me now, so I may sleep.
Let your soothing touch cool my flesh—
Hold me, so I can be trapped forever in your embrace
So here I am left without any control to your touch.
For I have been guided with satisfaction and lust
Every time you lay your hands on me.